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The Biogold International (Biogold) group of companies has secured a wide range of subtropical fruit products for evaluation and future commercialisation. Current products include: avocados, bananas, dragon fruit, durian, figs, guavas, Chinese gooseberries, litchis, loquats, longans, papaya, passion fruit (granadillas) persimmons, pineapples, pomegranates, macadamias, mangoes, mangosteens, sapodillas and sapotes.


The Biogold group works in close cooperation with internationally recognised research institutions on the scientific evaluation of new subtropical products. The group’s unique position allows it to facilitate the combining of cutting edge academic research with breeding programs. This will, in turn, enable Biogold to provide innovative new products to markets as these become commercially viable. Biogold continuously seeks to partner researchers, breeders and commercial producers in developing the subtropical fruit sector internationally. Biogold offers a sound and effective commercialisation platform for innovators in this field.


The group also functions as a catalyst in introducing new technologies and new products to subtropical fruit production areas worldwide, so optimising production capabilities. Biogold is currently involved in the introduction of new production sectors in a number of countries at project management level and is also involved in putting infrastructure in place to meet the demand for a counter-seasonal supply of products from Southern to the Northern hemisphere markets. There is clear evidence of major growth of fresh fruit consumption in these markets.

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