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An industrial plant portfolio has been added to the Biogold International (Biogold) range of products. The industrial portfolio focuses on four core areas, namely fibres (wood substitutes), biofuels, industrial substrates and health products. This inclusion reflects Biogold’s commitment to the responsible management of the environment. Biogold recognises that there is a need for the agricultural sector to move away from predominantly chemically derived processes towards more biological processes and wishes to act as a leader/pioneer in this field. Biogold recognises that these biological processes should however NOT compete with food production. Wood and fibre substitutes



As both wood and water resources required to produce wood grow more scarce across the globe, the utilisation of fast growing products that can act as wood substitutes has becomes more critical. Bamboo is the ideal product to fulfill this role. It is fast growing and has a wide climatic adaptability across a range of species. Bamboo trees experience prodigious growth within their first three years and exhibit high flexibility and strength. Thereafter, yielding is continuous with the requirement of replant. Bamboo it is a better wood substitute than most of the current soft woods. Selective species are also ideal for fibre extraction with potential application across a broad range of products from clothing to paper to insulation.



Cotton remains a preferred sustainable component of clothing fibre production. However, greater climatic variability and rising costs of production, has forced the majority of production into marginal and third world environments. New cotton selections that have greater disease resistance and climatic adaptability are vital for the future of organic cotton production. The Biogold International group is committed to exploring the development and commercialisation of new cotton selections and products for worldwide application.



A growing environmental consciousness and simultaneous acknowledgement of a continued need for a consistent energy supply is the impetus behind “green energy.” Biogold however recognises the potential threats posed by this seemingly positive development in the energy sector, in the sense that essential food supplies (usually in third world nations) may be converted into energy instead. As a result of this threat, Biogold has focused its energies on the procurement of two non-competitive green energy sources, namely bamboo and sweet sorghum. These products produce high energy outputs efficiently in temperate climates and are not potential food sources. Selected Jatropha species, suitable for arid region production, have been added to the product range.


Industrial substrates

Cassava is the best source of industrial starch. Improved selections of cassava multiplied through tissue culture will provide impetus for the development of this product and improve production capabilities. Biogold has identified this potential and is involved in product development and the eventual commercialization thereof.


Health products

In today’s world, there is a far greater drive amongst more educated consumers to use natural products to improve general health and nutrition. At the same time, faced with ever-increasing cases of diet-related obesity and resultant diabetes and heart disease, scientists and doctors continuously search for healthy sugar alternatives. Stevia is an exciting new natural alternative to sugar, without any calories and also without the negative connotations and potential health risks often associated with synthetic sweeteners. Biogold International (Biogold) has identified the potential of superior selections of Stevia as a healthy, natural source for a new form of low calorie sweetener.



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