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Biogold International’s capacity to commercialise ornamentals has developed as a natural extension of the group’s long-standing success commercialising numerous other horticultural products.


Biogold first seized this opportunity in South Africa, working with a group of unique breeders within the sector. These breeders have dedicated their efforts and expertise towards the production of new and exciting ornamental and cut flower selections, inspired by South Africa’s rich and diverse floral kingdoms. Since then, Biogold has expanded its operations considerably and plant materials are now sourced from a number of additional regions which fall within the sphere of influence of the Biogold group.


The portfolio currently includes plant material sourced from several continents. One of the focal areas of the portfolio is the supply of plants for the modern household, be it water-wise garden ornamentals or those destined for containers on one’s patio. Biogold is also currently in the process of developing a plant breeding hub to offer smaller-scale breeders access to more sophisticated breeding facilities. The commercial development of cut flowers and ornamentals involves a series of processes with a chain of production that includes research, development, market panel evaluation, initiation, tissue culture production, traditional cultivation, potting and ongrowing, as well as the co-ordination of wholesale and retail facilities.


Biogold is involved in all aspects of the process, ensuring a systematised approach to the commercialisation of new products. The group intends to introduce new products into both the ornamental and cut flower sectors through a direct and low cost provision process.


Exciting new products in our portfolio include:

Eucomis, Zantedeschia, Gladiolus, Crocosmia, Agapanthus, Agathosma, Gloriosa, Crinum, Kniphofia, Sandersonia, Aloe, Mesembrine, Pelargonium, Scadoxus, Punicia, Rutacea spp.

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