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The Biogold International (Biogold) group of companies has currently secured the widest range of citrus product in the world. The group continuously seeks to source and evaluate the potential of new citrus product for both fresh and processing purposes.


Citrus varieties are selected based on a number of selection criteria. These include: later or earlier ripening periods, seedlessness, increased licopene or anthocyanin pigment expression, improved cropping or fruit size, better rind colour, improved internal quality and new unique hybrids. Most internationally renowned citrus breeding programmes worldwide also favour commercialisation partnerships with the Biogold group due to its impressive infrastructure. This, in turn, enables Biogold to continue to provide growers with access to improved products. The group has invested in various breeding programmes and has technical partnerships with many breeding programmes throughout the world.


The Biogold group has been able to implement a standardised field evaluation system so as to ensure that new varieties are fully evaluated before recommendations are made to growers on what to plant. A range of climactic zones are utilised on a per country basis so as to ensure that the optimal performance criteria for new varieties are fully understood. Biogold International has also put together of team of the best international citriculture experts to ensure that exacting standards are maintained.Biogold confidently offers the best choice of citrus product available in each category to commercial producers in the world through our strategically located subsidiary companies.


Biogold International is able to ensure that grower partners are able to farm with the most profitable varietal range for their area. The Biogold subsidiaries have partnered with the most successful growers in the world and have the capacity to fast track large-scale commercialisation of new improved citrus products simultaneously in seven world regions.


The Biogold group have pioneered the establishment and running of grower clubs within the world citrus industry. Grower clubs offer the potential for sustainable commercialisation of new varieties internationally.


The Biogold group manages a number of trademarks and the associated alliances of growers around the world. The group also participates in technical project management in a number of large-scale citrus projects across the globe.

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