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The Biogold International group of companies (Biogold) endorses the use of biological rather than artificial chemical agents to control pests which cause crop damage. This is the only sustainable and eco-friendly option for the future of these industries and our planet.


This “back to the future” green biotech approach offers the horticultural sector an opportunity to experience more harmonious commercial production in the already threatened environments in which we live. While the introduction of new products into sectors within the horticultural sector is a time-consuming and expensive process, Biogold believes it to be worthwhile and necessary.


Products in this portfolio can be divided into three broad categories:

Those that improve plant health by utilising preemptive, often symbiotic, biological agents, those that use existing, natural occurring fungi, bacteria, viruses and insects to suppress or control diseases, harmful insects and other antagonistic agents and finally, the use of existing, natural occurring biological agents to suppress or control post harvest problems and improve product shelf life.


Biogold stands at the forefront of these innovations, offering research-based organisations a global platform on which to commercialise their products. Currently, a number of Biogold endorsed products (for both pre- and post-harvest) are in various stages of development or commercial application in various countries throughout the world.

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